Venirán...pero, ¿será que después se devolvirán?

Quico says: So, in this era of participatory and protagonic democracy, what would happen to you if you flat out refused to discuss a labor contract with the workers you hired? How do you think LOPCYMAT inspectors would take it if you failed to supply them with adequate safety equipment and refused to even talk to them about breaks?

How do you figure the government would react if you just fired, willy-nilly, some two-dozen workers who were trying to organize a labor union in your non-union factory? How do you think Chávez would react if those fired workers filed a complaint against you at the local Labor Inspectorate, won, got a ruling ordering you to hire them back, but you still refused to put them back on the payroll, ignoring the Labor Ministry point blank?

You could never get away with stuff like that in the revolutionary workers’ socialist paradise that is Chávez-era Venezuela, right? I mean, you’d get expropriated right away, wouldn’t you?

Of course you would…unless you happen to be the government of Iran and your business is making knock-off 80s Peugeots, in which case Chávez would shower you with praise you and throw in a little unpaid advertising on the side.