Villa del Tukiti

Quico says: Don’t miss Mac Margolis’s epic mauling of Villa del Cine, Hugo’s vanity movie studio, in the current issue Newsweek. To wit:

Just inside the studio gates, a man-made canal leads to an artificial stream and lakebed—but there was no water in them when I visited recently. Indoors, the corridors and edit bays are vacant except for one or two stray techies in jeans and tennis shoes. Rows of sewing machines lie idle under dust covers in the costume atelier. An electrical fire earlier this year knocked out most of the studio’s work-stations, forcing producers, editors, seamstresses, carpenters, and engineers to relocate. “Here is Studio 1. Six to eight different film sets can fit in here,” a perky Cinemaville PR aide chirps, opening the door to an empty warehouse.

The entire thing is couched in this kind of hyper-acerbic tone. Just brutal. Great fun.

[Hat tip: EC]