Ud. No Lo Vio Por Venevisión

Longtime reader Vinz reports:

 "I’ve been watching the baseball games and it is completely insane.


-Venevisión seems to have recieved orders to cut out the protesters in the back. Their editing is complete lunacy: Sunday, as soon as the pitcher threw the ball, they cut to a point-of-view shot from third base so as to not show the sign behind home. The game looks like it was shot by Goddard, with crazy, uncomprehensible close-ups.


-Meridiano, on the other hand, is covering "normaly", so that’s you get the videos you see on Noticias24.


The level of North-Korean, 1984 madness is incredible: Venevision has even edited the audio out, so all you hear is some grumbling, like a mid-season Major League Game , in the background, while as soon as you switch to Meridiano you hear waves of shouting, "1,2,3, Chávez tas Ponchao"!


This is the situation right now.

Vinz is a good guy, but I find this too weird to believe. Can anyone corroborate it? Please write in…

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