Important man unveils a new tool

Yesterday, the world saw the unveiling of a tool that awed millions.

Hugo Chávez’s National Guard unveiled a high-tech little toy they are currently employing in their friendly encounters with the nations’s protesting students. Its intended goal is to revolutionize the way we protest from now on.

Much like Steve Jobs did yesterday in San Francisco, our brave men and women held a swanky soiree to introduce their creation, pictured above. But instead of presenting it in front of the world’s media, movers and shakers, the GN unveiled their widget out in the street, so terrified teenagers would know who really calls the shots.

No word yet on whether they will be imported from Taiwan, Iran, or produced by a local cooperativa.

Everything else in the Vth Republic is medieval, it was only a matter of time before the tools of our repression followed suit.

(Hat tip: Miguel)

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