Comments board goes insane in five… four… three…

So, guess who puts food on the Palin family table? 

If you’re Venezuelan, you do!

How does that work out? As with Kevin Tocineta, there are six degrees of separation:

1) Sarah Palin’s husband, Todd, is a snow-mobile racer.

2) He participates in a snow-mobile race called the Iron Dog.

3) Todd Palin’s team is sponsored by Mystik Lubricants, as you can see in the picture – 

4) Mystik Lubricants is owned by … (you probably suspect where this is going by now) … CITGO!

5) Citgo is owned by Hugo Chávez. 

6) Chávez es el pueblo.

Ergo, you pay for Sarah Palin’s groceries.

This is the kind of story the blogosphere was created to spread!

Mudflats is calling it Sarah’s Socialist Snow Machine. Palingates says Sarah is "palling around with Communists." Andrew Sullivan, of course, had to give up a link.

Personally, this seems like a silly, inconsequential little news item to me, but Quico talked me into posting about it because…well, because Sarah is a traffic magnet for blogs!

Let’s see if that holds true.

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