You have three guesses, and the first two don't count

So lets all try to guess which country Alvaro Uribe could possibly be referring to when he says he has evidence that "a foreign country that wishes to intervene in Colombia" is illegally meddling in Colombia’s presidential campaign by backing one of the candidates.

I’m going to go with…Zambia. Yeah, definitely Zambia. Or, ummmm…it could be Laos. No, wait, wait, don’t tell me…I know, Mali! Yes Mali… hold on, Alvaro, it’s too hard like this…can’t you give us a clue?

Apparently it’s a country that wishes Colombia to have "a government like those they have elsewhere, which eliminates the institutions, affects entrepreneurship and undermines liberty."  

Oh, now I get it!

Bhutan! I bet it’s Bhutan…am I right, Alvaro, am I right?

The suspense is killing me!