Spain has "full confidence" that Venezuela will collaborate in the fight against the terrorists on its payroll

Just a couple of days after Spanish newspaper ABC noted that a second high profile ETA sympathizer, José Antonio Egido Sigüenza, is also on the Venezuelan government’s payroll, a Spanish government spokesman reaffirms Spain’s "full confidence" that Venezuela will cooperate in the fight against ETA.

Egido Sigüenza – whose day job is as a paleomarxist academic at the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry’s Institute of Higher Diplomatic Studies – was one of 40 Batasuna members accused by Spain’s Public Prosecution service in 2008 of "subordination to ETA," after a police investigation that lasted almost six years. He was barred from participating in local elections in the Basque Country last year due to his documented ties with ETA. (Which, obviously, hasn’t barred him from getting invites to TeleSUR.)

So lets review the bidding: Spain has "full confidence" that a government which won’t even stop paying terrorists and their sympathizers a salary every month is going to collaborate fully in the fight against them. The Moratinos Doctrine never looked more schizophrenic.