The View From Your Electric Bill: 1 cent/kWh in Buenos Aires

Today, I’m continuing on with The View From Your Electric Bill, a series of posts designed to float the ultimate political heresy: maybe, just maybe, idiotically low electricity prices in Venezuela have a little something to do with overconsumption and, thereby, with the electric crisis. 

And just to prove that Venezuela isn’t alone when it comes to bizarrely underpriced juice, we come to Buenos Aires, where power would cost a reasonable seeming 5.8 cents per kWh, except a state subsidy takes up 83% of the total, leaving consumers to pay 1 US cent per kilowatt hour! 

Así, así, así es que se gobierna, Cristi!

(While an 83% electric subsidy is a moronic example of bad governance, the Argies do at least get credit for making the subsidy visible in each electric bill. Our own utilities just make it seem like underpriced electricity is a gift from  heaven.)

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