Caracas Chronicles 2.1

We’re getting ever closer to the launch of our sister site in Spanish. Before we do that, though, we want to make sure the underlying software is just right, making for a superior user experience for people looking for serious, troll-free debate on the Venezuelan blogosphere.

As part of that process, today we’re launching a refreshed version of the blog – think of it as Caracas Chronicles 2.1. (Do let us know if you find any bugs!) The new software includes:

  1. An improved Recent Posts panel
  2. A Most Commented Posts panel
  3. A Best of the Fray (Highest Rated Comments) panel
  4. Numbering for anonymous posts
  5. An email-me follow up comments button so you can subscribe to comments threads
  6. A new layout on the main column to make more posts visible sooner.
  7. A new Donations platform so you can contribute to the launch of our soon-to-be-unveiled Sister Site in Spanish.

Juan and I have big plans for the Spanish site, which will fill a niche nobody else is filling right now for interesting, sane debate of current affairs in the Venezuelan blogosphere.

In time, we hope to create something like a Venezuelan version of Andrew Sullivan’s blog – a place updated many times a day with a heavy volume of links not to news stories (since Noticias24 already exists) but rather to the most interesting commentary on the web about Venezuela.

There’s a lot to look forward to, and with your support – both in clicks and dollars – we can do create something Venezuela genuinely needs, and does not yet have.