Full of air

Venezuela’s state news agency ABN recently announced that Venezuela plans to install 10,000 MW of wind power capacity in the next 15 years

Seriously, they said that.

To get a sense of how preposterous this is, some context is appropriate. 10,000 MW amounts to 6% of the world’s total current wind-power generating capacity. It’s roughly 40% of what Germany currently has. It’s more than the total generating capacity of France and Italy combined. It’s three times the capacity that Canada has. It’s twenty times what Brazil currently has.

So … ya still think we can do it? Why not promise sending a man to Mars while you’re at it?

The funny thing is that the same press release talks about the government’s interest in studying Venezuela’s coasts "to determine our country’s wind potential." So, in essence, they will install 10,000 MW, assuming they have the potential for at least that.

Let’s get this straight: Venezuela currently has zero wind-power generating capacity. It will *not* reach 10,000 MW in 15 years, not with the amount of money that’s needed to do that. It just ain’t gonna happen. We’d be lucky if we reach 1/100th of that.

Still, this sad reality didn’t prevent every faux-green, leftie website out there from reproducing this nonsense.

If our Electricity Minister finds it appropriate to repeat this rubbish, then we’re in for a prolonged energy crisis.