What empires?

A few weeks ago, Fr. Luis Ugalde published a searing op-ed in El Nacional blasting those wanting to re-write history.

His main point? When Venezuelan leaders talk about "fighting empires", the end result is that we kill each other and bow to the Empires. From Bolívar to that other Castro (Cipriano), our history is populated with empty calls to fight empires, when in fact we are playing the empires against each other. 

I didn’t read it at the time, but I decided it was well worth a link, even if it’s a few weeks old.

The money quote:

"We don’t know of any American that has been killed by our anti-imperialist bullets, although there is surely a random oilman that has succumbed to malaria brought about by an errant mosquito."

The whole thing is worth a read, as is the hysterical response of this particular chavista. (Both in Spanish, sorry).