Crazy Non-Sequitur Chronicles

2-OAS Secretary General José Miguel Insulza notes that this kind of open interference in neighboring countries’ elections is probably not strictly within the rules of engagement in hemispheric diplomacy.

3-Venezuela’s representative to the OAS blasts Insulza for intruding into Venezuelan "domestic affairs."

Ermmmmm…right. Venezuela as the champion of the principle of non-interference in other countries’ affairs. Brilliant.

You do get the sense that, at a certain point, once you’ve thrown all of your reputation and all of your international credibility behind the Chávez cause, you start to think to yourself "what the hell…at this point, why bother making any sense at all?"

The thing that frustrates me – that frustrates us – is the way chavismo’s utter, complete disregard for the most basic standards of internal coherence is sort of discounted, waved through as "just the way things are".

Again and again, insane positions like this one are staked out. Views that are so deliriously far removed from rational defensibility nobody sane would try to defend them in a free and open debate are put forward, officially, in the name of our country.

And nothing happens. Zilch. Nothing at all.

Where have you gone, Sebastian Piñera, a nation turns its lonely eyes to you…