Chabuki watch, #3 (updated)

Former taxman José Vielma Mora will now be known as something other than "the only chavista who is semi-competent": a traitor to the Revolution!

Here is Vielma Mora’s hilarious, totally unbelievable attempt to stake out a position as some sort of moderate chavista, a position he conveniently expressed only after he didn’t get the cambur he was gunning for. It’s quite a performance:

"Expropriations must be paid immediately … we have to strengthen private companies in Venezuela, and make them more dynamic."

Of course, it’s all smoke-and-mirrors. In fact, he’s already backing away from what he said.

Very entertaining!

Update: He hams it up some more:

"I think marxism is the worst thing that can happen to our country, this is Vielma Mora’s vision, and I am not switching to the other side."

Speaking in the third person like a true master thespian. Awesome.