The capital of Cumaná is Petare


BBC News has a video on the efforts to reduce crime in Petare. Reporter Will Grant toured with the Sucre police, and the piece is boiler-plate, a missed opportunity.

Not helping to disguise the piece’s stench of journalistic tourism is its lack of precision.

Petare is in the "state of Sucre"? It’s the "largest, most violent shantytown" in Latin America? (sez who?) The mayor’s name is "Carlos  Oscaríz"?

And how about showing video of Chávez’s National Police in action, on the streets, and not just showing us (for the n-th time) the same 50 recruits training in Fuerte Tiuna?

Hack job, BBC. 

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  1. Sucre is a state, which capital city is called Cumaná.
    In Caracas there is a County also called Sucre, and one of the “Parroquias” (sorry don’t the right translation for that) is petare… Do your homework next time.
    PS: And don’t try to say I’m wrong cause I live really close to Petare 😉


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