The guru

Following Juan Manuel Santos’ scorching landslide in Colombia’s Presidential election, much attention has been paid to the Venezuelan expert who, seemingly, helped turn his campaign around when Antanas Mockus became a threat.

In this interview (in Spanish), J.J. Rendón says a lot of things about Venezuela’s peculiar situation, some of which are interesting, some of which I don’t agree with (for example, he is far too critical of the opposition’s lack of leadership, and he overemphasizes the opposition’s role in changing the perception of foreign public opinion).

But his emphasis is in the right place: more than "unity," our opposition would do well to unify its message and not respond to the thousand red flags Chávez throws our way. Furthermore, he seems to understand that most Venezuelan voters are not in tune with the day-to-day of politics.

I thought he was implicitly agreeing with a point Quico made in his previous post: more than ni-nis, what we seem to have are a large group of voters that are simply not paying attention to politics right now.

It’s worth a listen.