Chávez government disposes of bodies in common grave

Globovisión, Venezuela’s sole opposition-minded TV station, has been doing a fairly decent job tracking the ever-growing scandal of the thousands upon thousands of kilos of food purchased by the government and left to rot in the nation’s ports.

But I hesitate to give them full credit because, in typical Globovisión fashion, they keep getting in the way of a story that has shown some remarkable legs.

Case in point: this news item.

Globovisión managed to get their hands on a 2008 document where Venezuela’s National Guard talks about 24,000 kilos of chicken they incinerated due to its advanced state of decay. They talk about the hole they’re going to dig and how they’re going to dig it. The only thing missing were pictures.

But watch the video to get the full Globovisión experience.

The tacky, Michael-Bay apocalyptic music. The needless juxtaposition with a Rafael Ramírez interview they took, "courtesy" of VTV. (?) The pointless comparison to the amount of chicken needed to make the world’s largest paella. (In case you’re wondering: the amount that went bad is double what you’d need for the paella)

They’re all there.

In typical fashion, they felt the urge to insert themselves smack in the center of the story and couldn’t fight it. They’re incorregible.