The message

 I found one of the MUD’s ads online – no idea if it’s playing in Venezuelan TV, or how widely. Here it is:

If you don’t understand Spanish, the ad asks "What’s in the containers?"

It then proceeds to list the many problems Venezuelans currently face: corruption, crime, inflation, expropriations, giving money away to his friends. All of these things are … in the containers!

I think the use of the containers as short-hand for "festering problems that screw up your life and that the government would rather cover up than try to solve" is pretty great.

The final message: vote for the opposition so that we can have some balance. It ends with an expression "pa’ que coja minimo," which in Venezuela basically means something like "to knock some sense into his head". 

The message is intended to say to voters: we don’t want to oust Chávez, we just need him to calm him down, and start working on the problems that matter to you.

Effective? Sound off on the comments board.