Chabuki watch #7


You know how playwrights talk about "the arc" of a character? They’ll go on and on about a character’s "inflexion point", the moment when they come to an important realization that changes them.

Here is Hugo Chavez, pretending he’s reached some sort of an inflexion point:

"The State cannot be the owner of everything… I was talking about economics and private property with Raul Castro. In Cuba they are giving workers small productive units, small family productive units, and I believe that’s the way to go… The State cannot own everything. That is called statism, and it is what brought down the Soviet Union. State capitalism is not the way for us."

He is so desperately grasping at the straws of the political center, pretty soon Chavez will sing the praises of The Third Way. But before allowing your hearts to be tugged, beware. Our President is getting advice on property rights … from the President of Cuba.

This isn’t a gripping drama. It’s a horror movie.