Fact-checkers of Caracas Chronicles: unite!

Is Tibisay Lucena correct in saying the opposition has 75% of all campaign TV ads? Or is she pulling these numbers out of her ass?

We need those of you on the ground to give us your opinion. Have you seen government ads in Televen? Opposition ads in Venevisión? And who the hell watches Tves anyway?

Keep in mind that the overall number is heavily skewed because of Globovisión. Take, for example, Venevisión. The government’s total there (again, according to Tibisay) is 445 seconds, while the opposition aired 332 seconds. Not an overwhelming advantage for the government, but it’s not like the opposition cant get their message out on TV.

Furthermore, the opposition has hired a whopping 42% of its air time in Globovisión. Can such a move be wise?

Seems to me that, if these numbers hold up, two things are true: both sides are getting access to TV time, and they are both playing to their base… heavily.

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