Julio Borges … on VTV?

I thought this was fascinating – a rare interview of a leading opposition candidate on the government’s state-owned broadcaster VTV.

The journalist tried to corner Guarenas candidate Julio Borges on several of the hashed-out opposition topics. She wanted to talk about Ramos Allup, he wanted to talk about Guarenas. She wanted to talk about 2005, he stuck to 2010. She wanted to veer him off message, he would not budge. He coyly pressed her on not inviting him to VTV since 2007, she dodged the bullet by lying and saying Globovision does the same. They got into an argument on government education statistics.

It wasn’t an interview, it was a debate between political actors, one fo them dressed in a red shirt and posing as a journalist. Regardless, it was refreshing.


Julio Borges VTV
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