The Economist and the Swing-o-meter

The Economist has a nice long article on the upcoming election. The money quote:

"Jesse Chacón, a former interior minister who now runs GIS XXI, reckons that the government can retain a two-thirds majority in the assembly with only 52% of the vote. He says that even if the votes were evenly split, the government would still win 97 seats to the opposition’s 68. In contrast, the opposition needs up to 53% of the popular vote just to win a simple majority of seats, according to Francisco Toro, an opposition blogger. The changes to the electoral system have also had the effect of penalising third parties. A group of moderate former chavistas is unlikely to win many seats outside the home state of its most popular leader, Henri Falcón."

Congratulations, Quico! You are man-sandwiched between Jesse Chacón and Henri Falcón. Who said hard work didn’t pay off?

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