Calling All Units

OK, people, let’s get to work.

Given the lack of official numbers, and the total spin war going on (we won 45 deputies! no, we won 185!), we need to use our collective resources.

Here are a few circuits I would like to have hard, cold evidence from. I’m talking actual numbers from actual voting centers:

Anaco (Anzoátegui 2)

San Fernando (Apure 3)

Maracay (Aragua 1)

Ciudad Bolívar (Bolívar 1)

Guacara (Carabobo 2)

La Grita (Táchira 3)

Ejido (Mérida 4)

We need hard numbers from some (all?) of these places to make a projection.

Anyone? Everyone? Time to call your old Tia Flora in Ejido, and your uncle Pablo in Ciudad Bolívar. Ask them to call someone in a voting center. Get some numbers.

I’m all ears. My e-mail address is nageljuan at gmail dot com. Let’s make this work.

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