Falcón Expands the MUD Big Tent

Lara Governor Henry Falcón, aka “the most interesting politician in Venezuela today“, has just reached out to the opposition big time.

At issue: the 2012 elections.

Not the Presidential elections, mind you, but the elections for mayor and governor that will take place that same year – perhaps the same day.

Falcón said he would begin discussions on integrating the PPT into the opposition umbrella group, the MUD.

Great news for the opposition, terrible news for Chávez, and exactly what we suggested here.

Falcón, ever the pragmatist, understands that in a highly polarized society, there is little space for a middle-of-the-road, ni-chicha-ni-limonada approach. He also is keenly aware that the PPT offers strong leadership where the opposition political parties only have relatively weak leaders, namely in Lara, Guárico, and Amazonas, and that the MUD offers him the legitimacy to reach out to opposition voters. Win-win for all but chavistas.

The announcement also signals the death of ni-ni-ism as a political idea. The PPT marketed itself as the channel for ni-nis, and lost. Where are so-called ni-nis to turn but to a more inclusive, less right-wing MUD or, less likely, the PSUV?

Dramatic stuff.

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