Terrorism that goes "Boom"


BoomYou gotta give chavista diplomacy an A for gumption. Decrying Spain for daring to ask that Venezuela deport a known ETA terrorist (currently on the Venezuelan governments payroll), the Foreign Ministry had the balls to describe the calls in the Spanish press for Venezuela to do such a thing as an violent campaign of psychological terrorism. Really.

OK, so there is the tiny difference that the kind of terrorism Cubillas engages in goes “Boom” while the kind Venezuela is supposedly a victim of goes “Bla bla bla”.

Totally forgettable detail, right?

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  1. Francisco,

    Allow me to be the first to welcome you back.

    “Boom vs. Bla bla bla” Perfect!

    One of the things that I have wondered about Cubillas is, how does one move to a foreign country under dubious circumstances (such as being exiled from one’s own country) and get a responsible high posting in government one year later?

    • Roy, in fact Cubillas did not get his official job one year after arriving in Venezuela, it was 16 years after.

      Terrorism that goes “boom”… excellent stuff FT, hope you’re well.

    • Alek,

      Thanks for correcting me. I looked up some previous articles and couldn’t find where I got that idea. Another article I found said that he has been in Venezuela since 1989, which gives him over 20 years of residency.

    • Arturo Cubillas arrived in Venezuela in 1989, as part of a group of 11 ETA terrorists extradited from Spain (Argel). Search for his name in my blog and you’ll gain a better understanding about it.

  2. Welcome back!

    Trivialization and justification of violence. The two most obvious sign of criminal intent
    (meaning raw aggression, without any real provocation beforehand) when the party intent on violence bothers to communicate.

    Justification goes like “He looked at me crookedly/insulted me, so I shot him”. Shooting someone is not so bad, insults or bad looks ARE instead serious enough to earn a nasty response, that must be then be a proportional response to the offenses. Questioning=Treason. Protesting=Staging coups. Writing critically=Conspiracy with foreign powers. Terrorists all of them.

    Then, there’s trivialization. Blowing up innocents with real explosives is a political statement, almost good in itself if done for a good cause. It’s NOT terrorism.

    And violence is justified, at least from their point of view.

  3. What really mystifies me is why this government goes to so much trouble, including making ridiculous statements, to protect this guy? Why don’t they just hand him over and be done with it and allow the Spanish legal system to sort out what is true or not? Defending Cubillas doesn’t place Venezuela on any moral highground but rather raises more questions as to why they are so resistant to hand him over. Is there something to hide? Are they afraid he will spill his guts and further embarrass Chavez or worse?

  4. Glenn,

    Chavez is not interested in having Cubillas testify before a Spanish court about his shady activities in Venezuela done with his collusion, or at least with his blessing.

    What is striking is the rude way in which he tells off the the Spanish government for having the insolence to ask for the extradition 😉 . I guess he thinks that Zapatero should keep his courts in line as he does.

    I wonder what the reaction of the Spanish government is going to be? They’ll probably just tell the court that is demanding his testimony , “Well we tried ;)”

  5. Scr*w the Spanish government. It’s pleasant to see the Venezuelan government essentially give them the finger.

    Venezuela is a Sovereign State, under no obligation to kow-tow to a bunch of simpering, decadent late-capitalist apologists, whether they sit in Madrid, in Washington, in Brussels, or in Tel Aviv.

    • Venezuela? It’s the military regime, not Venezuela. You represent not Venezuela, but the military class.
      And Chavista honchos are just lackeys not of the gringos but of the Chinese, of the Cubans and the Russians who sell weapons to the Venezuelan milicos.
      The milicos are doing nothing but stealing and pretending to be representing the people. Not any more, man. You are minority.

    • RBC,

      “bunch of simpering, decadent late-capitalist apologists”.

      Stripping away the insulting and provocative language, it would appear that you are trying to refer to the Spanish subjects as “has beens”. I find that odd, since the Socialists (in the Marxist sense), Communists, and Radical Leftists of the world have been dwindling in numbers since late sixties. It is you who is the endangered species.

    • Actually, RBC is partially right. Venezuela IS a sovereign state. But along with sovereignty comes responsibility.

      Under the terms of the deal reached between CAP and Felipe Gonzalez, the etarras exiled to Venezuela were to stay away from their former “professions”.

      The fact that Cubillas trained FARC members planning to assassinate Uribe, among other things means that the terms of exile were breached.

      The fact that Venezuelan military officers were present during that training means that the Venezuelan State not only knew about this, but also actively promoted this. The fact that the Venezuelan government employs Cubillas also bolsters this.

      Therefore, the Spanish government is well within it’s rights to demand not only an explanation, but also the return of Cubillas for trial.

      Add in that our ambassador to Spain justifies ETA’s terrorism as “right and proper” and “to be admired” only adds to the belief that our government would rather defend the indefensible instead of acting like a responsible sovereign state.

      RBC, I dare you to make that statement to the families of Cubilla’s victims in person.

      I have a feeling that you would not do so, for fear of ending up with your own finger in a place you would not enjoy too much.

  6. Cubillas would be tried in Spain for terrorism or murder. Whatever he did in Venezuela would be irrelevant and inadmissible evidence in such trials. So unless Chavez was sending him to Spain on an actual mission to blow things up, my guess is that they fear what he might spill out of court.

    • Roberto,

      The prime responsibility that the Chavez Government has is to keep the Venezuelan Nation from being defiled and prostituted by Western late-capitalism. One of the best ways to do that is to make clear, at every opportunity, that Western late capitalism is a doomed system for which the bell has tolled. Scr*w the Spanish Judges, Venezuela has no need to obey their dictates, not now and not ever.

  7. Venezuela will extradite Mr. Cubillas when the United States extradites Mr. Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada and Mr. Luis Posada Carriles.

    • The prime responsibility of the Chavez Government is to ensure the life, liberty and happiness of the Venezuelan people. In this, Mr. Chavez and his corrupt, drug trafficking cronies are failing miserably, and will continue to do so because they have chosen a way that is demonstrably ill fated. A bigger Arroz con Mango could not have been imagined. The only thing keeping Chavez alive is oil, without it he would have been gone in 60 seconds.

      Jeez, even the PCV just stated that the way that Chavez is running the revolution is producing problems.

      Quote: “El proceso viene sufriendo un peligroso desgaste que de no revertirse a tiempo, pudiera causar enormes dificultades para mantener el ritmo actual de cambios e, incluso, un retroceso histórico”

      Say what you want about Capitalism, all I have to say about the Communism that Chavez espouses is: North Korea, Albania (before they woke up), USSR (now capitalist), China (more capitalist each passing day). Just to name a few.

      You are entitled to believe that converting Venezuela into North Korea is the way to go. You are also entitled to be deaf, blind and dumb. Just don’t try to impose that on the rest of us, because we are not going to take it.

    • Venezuela?
      I repeat: it is not Venezuela. It is the military junta.
      Anyway: it is Spain that is requesting Cubillas, not the USA. Do you blame your colds on the US as well?

    • Separate extraditions should never be related. That you are linking two cases involving separate countries only magnifies the nonsense of your suggestion.

      Of course, I don’t think you’re right anyways. If those two were in Venezuelan hands, Chavez would still find excuses to protect Cubillas.

  8. Not exactly – it’s terrorism that goes “Boom” vs. terrorism that goes “Bla bla bla – Chavez (is or did something) bad,” no matter how indirect or implicit (it’s all in the eyes of the beholder) that statement is made. (If “Bla bla bla” alone were terrorism, you know who would be sent away for multiple life sentences, or summarily executed, depending on the location of the trial.)

    Gumption, indeed. But do they have anything left to fall back on at this point? I do believe they fall into the definition of the phrase they used in their own note: “cobardía política.”


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