A three-horse race?

Miranda governor Henrique Capriles Radonski was interviewed by Maracaibo’s La Verdad newspaper. It’s well worth a read, if anything to begin getting a feel for the message he will try out.

Capriles’ coyness about 2012 did not lend itself to an in-depth profile.  Still, in between the lines, you could sense the message he will take to the voters.

He is unequivocally wedded to the idea of primaries, is convinced Chávez’ contender should be young, and believes he can provide a bridge between the two extremes of Venezuelan society.

As for his contenders? The money quote:

“Chávez fears having to confront a new type of leader come 2012. He would prefer having to face someone from the old leadership, or someone with profound weaknesses… I’m not the one Chávez wants to face…”

Not-so-veiled references to Antonio Ledezma  and Maria Corina Machado?

As of today, these three are the clear front-runners. I would add Leopoldo López, but since he’s barred from running, he’s a long shot.

(If anyone can find a public link, let me know – otherwise I can email the interview to you; it’s in Spanish)