Far Out


Not three months ago, in reading through the responses to one of those occasional, naively-hopeful, instantly-pounced-on, ultimately-misguided Guardian pieces I like to write, I was amazed when one of the bolshies in the comments section actually took me to task for calling Chávez “far left”.

Huh? I always thought calling the guy “far left” was a bit like calling the sky “blue”…so I was tickled the other day to realize that Chávez thinks so, too: after all, isn’t “far left” as natural an English translation as you can find for “extrema izquierda”?

And it’s hard to shake the feeling that Chávez – a self-described Marxist who has never read Das Capital – had not the slightest inkling that he was calling for a stance that Lenin, of all people, called  “an infantile disorder”. Tee-hee.

* Incidentally, I understand Gringericans – for reasons never explained by science – like to celebrate Thanksgiving on the wrong date. For those of you who’ve made that, erm, questionable lifestyle choice: happy t-day, y’all.

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  1. Congratulations! I took the bait and googled “Gringerican” as I didn’t know what the hell that was and the only link was your post! You may have just invented a new slang for American Gringos. Did I guess correctly? What about Gringadians or Canazuelans?

    Otherwise, you can keep your frigid Canadian winters and celebrate Thanksgiving sooner (for what I don’t know) and I’ll enjoy my mild Texas winters and celebrate a little later 🙂

    • I want to underline that I in no way condone Gringericanism as a lifestyle choice, nor do I approve of the Gringerican Agenda. I believe that through prayer, therapy and God’s will, people can be cured of their Gringerican tendencies and lead happy, fruitful lives.

  2. As a gringerican recently repatriated across el mar de felicidad from Chavezuela I’ll be giving thanks for my many blessings, y voy compartir ayacas con mis amigos venezolanos nuevos que conocí desde ayer.

    • Reading the comments threads on those things always feels a bit like rubbernecking at a roadside accident…the intellectual wreckage is gruesome, yes, but weirdly compelling at the same time.

    • From the little bit I’ve ventured into the Guardian’s comments section, it seems everyone in there is a contrarian by nature. Put an article criticizing Chavez, and most comments will be from diehard Chavephiles. Put an article singing praises to the robolution, and everyone there will claim that they’d repeatedly punch Chavez in the face until his grandmother gets a black eye if they ever get close enough to him.

      I suppose that disagreeing with the content of an article is the main reason to comment on it, but still…

      By the way, when are you going to supplement your articles with links to “Yes, Prime Minister” sketches, eh? e.g., this one entitled “Who reads the papers?”

  3. Look, being gringerican is not a choice. I was born this way. Some scientists are even claiming that there may be a genetic predisposition to gringericanism.


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