How transparent can this guy get?!

So, what date did Hugo Chávez choose to sign Unasur’s new anti-coup d’étatDemocratic Charter“?

November 27th, of course!

If you’re young and/or not Venezuelan, that date may not say that much to you. Otherwise, you’ll remember it like this:

Listen, Chávez has plumbed such depths in recent months I’ve lost the capacity for surprise over this kind of stunt.

Rounding up a dozen heads-of-states to sign an anti-coup charter on the date you commemorate your co-conspirators’ 18 year old failed putsch? That’s par for the course, at this point.

But how did the rest of South America get this supine?

Did nobody else look at the calendar and realize that the reason Chávez would have to leave the signing ceremony in a hurry was to rush home to celebrate Venezuelan Air Force Day, whose date he’d gone to the trouble to change to make it coincide with the anniversary of his airborne accomplices trying to overthrow the elected government in 1992?!


Sad…just sad…

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