Tomorrow, Today!


My friends, I have seen the future. Not in a Crystal Ball, mind you…but in an Ivory one.

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  1. Having two presidents is not that bad. The problem is having two Chavez simultaneously.

    Seriously, you are right. We should see ourselves in that mirror, the mirror of chaos.

  2. The thing that gets me is that Gbagbo’s power-play seems just so transparent. I mean, it’s not even ballot stuffing: the full results were announced, he lost, so then he had his cronies invalidate votes from the places Ouattara had won.

    “Tibisay, mi amor, necesito que me suspendas los resultados en Miranda y Zulia, ¿ok?”

    Simple as that.

    The entire international community can see through the trick and is calling him out on it. ECOWAS, France, the U.S., the U.N…everybody, pretty much . But the guys with the guns are standing by him so…who cares?

    Time was when I’d have thought Chávez would need to engineer a more sophisticated fraud than that to stay in power after losing an election. Thing is, at this point, General en Jefe Rangel Silva has his back…

  3. Quico

    Cheap shot….

    Last night I was reading Le Monde about that and I was wondering how long would I be able to resist showing our readers a mirror…

    Kenya was also a likewise situation a year or so ago.

    They are not kidding when some write about the africanization of Venezuela.

  4. I can imagine South America’s Mbeki, Lula da Silva, arriving to Maiquetía…I imagine Carla Angola, journalist from internet TV channel Free Venezuela, trying to interview Lula but several fatty soldiers blocking her. I see how Lula manages to talk to a couple of foreign correspondents like BBC Grant and then how his BMW departs for Caracas. I see how Chávez declares that day a national holiday and asks his followers to march around the President Palace. I can see how PDVSA distributes US rice packed in red plastic.

  5. Whaddya doin’ all the way over there in Africa, when you can look at Haiti instead???
    BTW, the Constiutional Council in Ivory Coast nullified around 13% of the ballots, giving Gbagbo a boost from his 45 to 55 loss, to a win.
    Qué descaro…


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