Musical chairs

Yesterday, Hugo Chávez appointed socialist hyena Andrés Izarra as Minister of Information.

He replaces Mauricio Rodríguez, appointed Minister in June.

He replaced VTV opinionator Tania Díaz, who had been named Minister in April.

She, in turn, replaced Blanca Eckhout, who was appointed in April of 2009.

She replaced Jesse Chacón, appointed Minister in December of 2008.

And Chacón had been named to replace … Andrés Izarra!

In case you lost count, that’s five different ministers – six, if you count Izarra’s two tenures separately – in a span of two years.

Is it any wonder this government is a wreck? How can a bureaucracy work when the people setting the policies are being changed every four months? And where are the new ideas?

Let chaos ring!

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