Jumping the Visa queue by telling Valle Arriba how they juke the oil export stats


Ah, Wikileaks, the gift that keeps on giving…

Staff at the U.S. Embassy in Caracas were told to watch for potentially useful Venezuelan officials standing in line at the visa counter and let them skip the line, El Pais said.

The tactic appears to have been successful — officials also revealed that PDVSA sold oil to China for as little as $5 a barrel, suffered from growing problems of quality control and used refined products to raise the price of Venezuela crude, it said.

Somehow, I just don’t think this is the sort of thing Evita Golinger fantasized about when she heard a massive trove of U.S. diplomatic cables were about to be leaked…

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  1. If I am not mistaken (and I don’t see VTV as much anymore), the government is beginning to back down from extolling the beauty of Wikileaks (they almost made Julian Assange a hero of the revolution).

    It won’t be long before Aporrea starts throwing mud on the wikileaks cables.

  2. Cuts both ways…

    It is sad that some governments (including the U.S. fed) (and some corporations) are intent on suffocating Wikileaks.

    Though I would advise some caution with the leaked docs. It would be nice to have also the Argentinean leaks side by side the U.S. ones, and some fact checking whenever possible. These are the opinions, reports and communications of diplomats. They should lead to juicier stuff. They are not all there is, unless these opinions happen to be inflamatory.

  3. If I were an opposition politician, I would now be saying that, since the Comandante has praised wikileaks’ release of government documents, will you now please publish all the remaining documents connected to the oil company, its sales, and prices, and especially the sale to China and the Chevron deal? As a matter of principle?

  4. I just love how they caught them: no need for super-sophisticated, high-tech CIA gadgetry, no need for 007 stuff or daring spy-movie fodder. Their key “intelligence asset”? The friggin’ endless visa line in Valle Arriba!!!

    Hell, they didn’t even have to pay for a cab ride there…the intel very literally came crawling to them!

    As long as Venezuelan people have kids who want to go to Disney, the State Dept. knows all it needs to know about PDVSA. Precious!!

  5. Not exactly a breath-taking political intrigue out of a John Le Carré novel… You should see what the guys receiving season tickets to the Marlins games and a 30$ gift certificate to Toys ‘R Us said… Christ, these “revolutionaries” are so ideologically empty they’d probably sell out the whole PSUV for a bucket of KFC…

  6. There’s something strange about this: as Reuters says, it couldn’t corroborate the “El Pais” version because these particular cables don’t seem to have been released yet by wikileaks. If you try to reach them from “El Pais” page, the links are broken. What’s going on here?

  7. This also shows where is the alleged loyalty of medium and high level officials in this “Revolution”.

    Mickey Mouse beats Hugo Chavez.

    So much for Hugo’s fantastically high hopes of defending from an imaginary yankee invasion. Probably will have to have the Cubans (who have a higher stake) fighting.

    Heck, it can be achieved with the Magic Kingdom’s Main Street Parade!

  8. That’s what happens when you have slaves and lackeys instead of free individuals and professionals with a commitment they believe in.

    The 20000 “apatridas golpistas” Hugo Chavez fired never ever sold their company’s confidential information for a tourist visa. Not that I know.

    Now, the PDVSA “employees”, the “rojo rojitos” know that the company is worth nothing, that they are to be treated “a carajazos” by Ramirez. That their professional regard from management, for themselves, and from outside is a cruel joke. They are quite glad to sell something that is completely worthless in itself, if they are not caught.

    It’s a bit like what awaits Venezuela if it begins to resemble the Cuban tyranny. Cuban citizens will sell, in the words of Fidel, their country out, for a U.S. visa. In practice, what they “sell” is a slaver and a tyrant. How does he inspire such loyalty?

  9. Well I haven’t found that information in any of the Wikileaked cables. Besides it would be odd to put those details about how they contacted who they contacted in an embassy cable. That would be internal & probably normal operating procedures.

    So if it doesn’t come from Wikileaks means it came from somewhere else, probably the ….


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