Foreign chavista apologists: temblad!

In the text of the new, about-to-be-approved Law on International Cooperation (aka the NGO Muzzle Law), there is this little doozy:

“Representatives of NGOs with political objectives, of those for the defense of political rights, or citizens who invite foreign citizens or organizations so they can, under their sponsorship, given opinions deemed offensive to the State’s institutions, its high-ranking officials, or in any way hurt sovereignty, will be fined with penalties ranging from 5 thousand to 10 thousand UTs (between 75 thousand and 150 thousand dollars), and will be forbidden from exercising any political position for 5 to 8 years.”

So, gringo defenders of Hugo Chavez, beware: anything offensive you say about Maria Corina Machado, Leopoldo Lopez, or Henrique Capriles while in Venezuelan soil will get your sponsors fined and will mean their political rights are taken away.