Love and milk


It has long been known that the Southern shores of Lake Maracaibo contain some of Venezuela’s richest, most productive lands.

But this is also a land seeped in violence, where work, love, and commitment to farming and cattle grazing run deep, so deep that the people involved don’t waiver when they need to put their life on the line to defend what’s theirs.

Which only makes Hugo Chávez’s decision to take over this vast region all the more boneheaded.

The relatives of one of my childhood friends had deep ties in Santa Barbara. Her great-uncle, a wealthy cattle rancher in the region, owned a farm that had its own airstrip. On the pavement of the airstrip, he had painted: “Only love is better than milk.”

Love and milk are the region’s lifelines, but so are bullets.

Chávez is walking on eggshells on this one. This could get ugly in a hurry. Daniel and Miguel are doing a good job following the events.

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  1. I really hope that this spark causes a big bad fire under Chavez presidential chair…

    I always thought that Zulia was going to be the place where the robolution house of cards would start to tumble…. I really hope that that time is now….

    Hope… hope… hope

    Merry Christmas to all

  2. Chavez always does something big in holiday season which means the opposition leadership are in Miami/Aspen and unable to take advantage. When will they learn or should I stand corrected and are the opposition actually going to capitalize on this??

  3. JC,

    What is with this “rumor”?
    “Aveledo aseguró que las confiscaciones anunciadas carecen de justificación desde cualquier perspectiva, económica, agraria o de justicia social; y, en tal sentido, exhortó al Gobierno a explicar si existe alguna relación entre éstas y el convenio para una empresa productora de plátano en sociedad con Rusia, anunciado hace algún tiempo. “El país debe tener claro que no hay ningún negocio escondido detrás de los discursos oficiales”, dijo. ”

    • No idea. I don’t really see why this is all that relevant. Whether Chavez is taking the land because he wants to give it to his mom as a Christmas present, or taking it to give it to the Russians is beside the point. He’s stealing the nation’s best agricultural land, and food production will suffer because of it.

    • I’m with JC on this one. Does it really matter why he decided to steal that land? Theft is theft. It is unconstitutional and just plain wrong. The farmers and their workers surely don’t care why it is being stolen or what Chavez intends to do with it.

    • When will we learn? Individual rights are ends in themselves, if only because YOU, the person observing, and all the parties involved, would like them to be respected if that were YOUR property.

      Theft is theft is theft is theft

    • Umm, I think they are acting out of the hypothesis that the majority of Venezuelans don’t see it the same way, in their eyes if the government takes the land to give it to the poor then is not that bad, so I think the MUD is trying to appeal to the idea that Chavez is stealing from Venezuelans to give it to other countries.

  4. This is form November 19, 2010:

    “El convenio entre Rusia y Venezuela consiste en sembrar 20 mil hectáreas de banano, en un plazo de diez años. Esto es posible porque el Sur del Lago cuenta con una potencialidad de tierras para poder producir este rubro y abastecer al mercado nacional e internacional”, afirmó.

    El alcalde dijo que las 20 mil hectáreas de este rubro incrementaría el potencial de producción del municipio Francisco Javier Pulgar, ya que la localidad está ubicada en el eje de desarrollo del occidental del país.”

  5. “No idea. I don’t really see why this is all that relevant. ”

    Not so fast. What better way to make the “pueblo” understand that the land is being given to foreing goverments to produce a staple which has been in the hands of Venezuelan producers forever?
    You have seen the results of explaning to the “pueblo” how expropiations are unconstitutional, and , blah, blah, blah… Platanos is something that they understand.

  6. “Only love is better than milk.”

    All wrapped up in this one sentence is the tragedy of the wine-belt.

    Where is:

    1. Beer
    2. The friendship of a fine dog
    3. Striped mullet (Lisa)

  7. I feel more and more like living on the last pages of Animal Farm…

    The pigs under Hugo Napoleon become worse oppressors than the former owner, selling and renting the other animals out to other dictators like Lukashenko humans. It has not come to pass, that like older farms with Castro older pigs, that cubans not-so-equal animals get offered to do work abroad.

    I only hope that this experience will erase Socialism forever from the vocabulary of the zulianos. Whatever the outcome of this particular impasse.

  8. Juan, Bobthebuilder is right. Here are a few examples:
    *The hand-picked illegal nomination of the TSJ court judges after the Vargas disaster
    *The Xmas “break” in 2002
    *The opposition not knowing anything better to do than going on vacation after removing themselves from the 2005 vote.
    *The opposition leaders in Miami in 2006, right after the elections, while Chávez was screaming that he would close RCTV and accelerate the socialist motors
    *The opposition took a vacation in 2007, right after the Reforma win, this helped Chavez prepared for the Enmienda.
    *The opposition was winning the Enmienda before the Xmas break, they were losing it after Xmas in 2008.

    These are just a few cases. Every single time the opposition has something at stake, it goes on vacation during Xmas time..and loses its hand in front of Chávez.

  9. What do you make of JVRangel’s spinning of Meleán’s story/negotiation with the Chavistas? I hate to acknowledge a slimy character like the former vp; but it does look like the entire situation fizzled…


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