Today's Minsk is tomorrow's Caracas


Chavez ally Aleksandr Lukashenko stole the Belarus election today. At least that’s the opinion of thousands of protesters who flooded the streets of Minsk.

Euronews has the roundup. It’s worth pointing out that Belarus’ elections are manual, with widespread allegations of ballot stuffing.

The money quote:

“How can we counter a dictator who created a police state in the past 16 years?” said 21-year-old student Artur Makayonak, who was among the activists heading to the square. “Only our protests, our strive for freedom and a peaceful rally.”

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  1. Apparently there’s a reasonable chance of Lukashenko leaving one way or the other – he needs EU money so can’t clamp down too severely. I can’t see the same happening in Venezuela where the oil revenues can sustain fat boy as long as he wants.

    • Lukashenko has, on the other hand, much more popularity than Hugo does. On the other hand, it is true Hugo can use Venezuela’s oil for ages to buy up people abroad. Luka is a good manager, at least he managed a kolkhoz well. Hugo could not manage even a cantina


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