Usually, we take a break for Christmas


…this year, though, the government won’t. So we don’t get to, either.

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  1. I’m spending hols in Pto. La Cruz. Amidst rolling blackouts, water shortages and a game we played the last days called, “Indiana Jones and the lost harina de trigo”, we had a cake-less Christmas, much to the distress of my mother-in-law (I almost got creamed over the head with a skillet when I proposed Ice-cream dessert; some kind of family tradition, mind you).
    I certainly hope the poor are living better ’cause my family-in-law certainly isn’t. FYI -McCombos are currently at 29 Bs.F., for those McDollar lovers out there. With a 1.2K minimum wage, can somebody please sit that cockroach for me…

  2. can anyone post the 111 articles of the new university law? there are lot’s of rumors, but no facts I know of.. feliz navidad, and hoping the new year brings something really new to Venezuela


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