Under the Radar: Maracay's Imminent Shitstorm


Here’s a story the ever Caracas-centric media’s barely noticed: the recent rains have left the heavily-polluted Lake of Valencia on the verge of a major flood. The water level is now just 17 cm. from the top of the levee protecting Maracay’s La Punta neighborhood, and still rising. The water involved is described as sewer-quality, and the stench around Maracay’s lakeshore is just as you’d imagine it.

Maybe it will take a (literal) flood of shit to get Aragüeños to stop voting for él que te conté…

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  1. Isea and his jefe will announce 10000 m2 private property around Maracay will be confiscated. They will announce 10000 houses will be built by the Chinese this very year – not to mention – really NOT to mention- the 5000 flats Belorussians were going to start building in 2008 and the 4000 extra they will build now.

    The regime will take over more resources from the alcaldías and governors and they will distribute some of it to the homeless. Some people will keep sending letters to the Presidencia de la República telling the comandante that “they” are hiding from him the truth and that there are so many 4 Republic people trying to destroy the revolution and that is why Chávez’s flats do not materalize.

    • My God! What a fox Chavez is, if I read him correctly, something which is highly improbable since I have been away from Venezuela for a long time. I am just trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together. His plans for building homes for the poor have not met with the success standards he was hoping for. He expropiates the Machado’s SIDUR, main maker of the steel cabillas needed for construction. He xpropiates lands, from Diego Arria and others. He gives land to the Chinese who will indeed build the promised homes. His way of centralizing power in himself, now that the Oposición is gaining ground, is to decentralize land. There is urgent for reconciliation, before the two factions become even more entrenched. I wonder whence the hope will come. I watch a youtube video & see the handsome faces of 2 young venezolanos of opposite ideologies, anti & pro Chávez respectively: Jon Goicoechea & Hector Rodríguez and I think there might still be some hope. Maybe a joint project, staffed/ financed by the private sector and the government, maybe around sports or ecology or tourism or expeditions for the Venezuelan teens. I hope.

  2. Quico

    I drove back yesterday to San Felipe with the S.O. and I pointed out that at the exit of the La Cabrera tunnel I had never seen the water coming so close. So I guess I must thank you for saving me from posting on that. It is really worrisome because the rains, albeit less intense, have not stopped. And since it rains the weather is rather cool for the area so there is no real evaporation to even attempt a slowing down process.

    As for the sewer quality….

    About 40 years ago I had an uncle fishing in that lake. He tended to be seasick and Valencia lake was perfect. Except that already then fishes came out with weird smell and obvious “imperfections” so that he had to throw them back in the water. Soon he had moved operations to Morrocoy.

    40 years ago, let’s think about that……..

  3. Franciso, you wish for the impossible.
    haven’t you heard the flooded victims of la guajira say(screaming lady):

    “estoy en un rancho inundada pero no me importa porque yo sigo con chavez!”

    So if you think that a river of shit will make them change opinion,wrong.
    They probably would say “The capitalist pigs are eating so much McDonalds that look what happened,their shit is in our streets”

    • pues yo, que sé poco del tema, conozco a una familia de chavistas de Aragua (y del Guarataro) que trabajaban para el oficialismo y ahora están en Los Angeles y no quieren decir mucho de Chávez pero cada vez que hablan de él es para criticarlo. Claro que ahora tienen la residencia estadounidense, la green card que se les da casi automáticamente a cuanto venezolano dice ser perseguido político del régimen.

  4. Are you implying people have to suffer a personal catastrophe, like the lost of their lives or personal assets, as the only way to take away their sympathies and hopes from a very popular charismatic leader? That´s a very reactionary thought from someone from La Causa R LoL!

  5. I have personal knowledge on the matter as some very close members of my family live in the next neighborhood, Mata Redonda. Just a couple of blocks to the east.

    Theirs is just a normal middle class ‘quintica’, bought during the early 80’s. Nothing fancy but there are larger and more refurbished houses. I insist, those are not ranchos or illegally built houses. Although, when they appear in the news it seems as a barrio, because they show the houses located right next to the lake, which have suffered flooding many times.

    The government promised ‘legally’ to reimburse them the price of their homes. They have been waiting for years. More than 7 years in the case of my family. They cannot move out without the money and they are afraid to do it because of invasions. So, they feel like their hands are tied.

    As for being chavistas or not: Some of them used to be.. some not. But still one out of six is a rabid chavista. Gosh!

    • Liz, there are worse fates as “family history” goes. My parents, who always fought, when they finally reached a middle ground around Pres. Caldera, it did not last; they started evolving ideologically & ended up in opposite corners again: my mom a chavista; my dad “¡Poooobre de mí!, que salgo de España sin un centavo, huyendo del militar Franco… y medio siglo después termino en Venezuela sin un centavo y bajo el militar Chávez!” ¡Ay pero papá si Bolívar también era militar… “Cállate María Eugenia, cállate María Eugenia, no me hagas…” OK, peldón. Ahora están muertos, las cenizas de él flotan en Naiguatá, las de ella en la quebrada Pajaritos del Avila. Seguro siguen peleando.


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