Extraditing his own (Updated)

So today the government is gloating because they captured the mistress of one of the head honchos of the notorious Los Zetas drug cartel.

Her lover, a Colombian man named Luis Frank Tello Candelo, was captured in Caracas six months ago and promptly extradited to the United States.

Only Tello apparently also has Venezuelan nationality. In fact, his cedula number is V-6.161.289, and he is registered to vote in Baruta’s Madre Emilia school.

Which begs the question: have the authorities read Article 69 of the Venezuelan Constitution? You know, the one that says “The extradition of Venezuelans is strictly forbidden.” And why is the press not asking these questions?

Just wonderin’.

UPDATE: From the looks of it, after years of research, the government overturned a prior court ruling and determined both Tello and his accomplice Carlos Ojeda Herrera had fraudulent documents. Which then begs the question: why are they still registered to vote?