Pobre Venezuela, Pobre Huguito




No chico, you’re confused.

We just have a system where the government gets to decide which Soap Operas you’re allowed to watch, and makes that decision on explicitly political grounds.

…y que “censura”, que invento…

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  1. That description in El País sounds hilarious:

    “En un episodio de la serie, por ejemplo, Venezuela pierde a su perro Huguito. Cuando se lo cuentan por teléfono se echa a llorar: “¡Qué va a ser de Venezuela sin su Huguito!”. Y el personaje que la ha dado la noticia la consuela: “¡Vas a ser libre, Venezuela! Poque Huguito últimamente se metía en la casa de todo el mundo haciéndote quedar mal”. Conatel considera que ese tipo de sátiras son un “trato denigrante” de la nación venezolana.

    Entre los personajes de la telenovela está también la hermana de Venezuela, llamada Colombia. Ambas hermanas mantienen tensas relaciones. Además, Colombia es un personaje lleno de virtudes que contrasta con la histriónica e inaguantable Venezuela. Para completar el cuadro, Venezuela está supuestamente embarazada de un niño al que planea llamar Fidelito.”

  2. Give me a break, you hypocrites.

    You applauded the goon squads going after anti-coup activists in Honduras.

    The oppression there continues. Not a peep from Quico because anti-democratic oligarchs are in power.

    Have you people no shame?

    Of course you don’t. That is why your economic and political program is being continuously rejected.

    Where, o-where is your Pinochet?

    Dead. Suffer.

    • Anti-democratic?

      Has the Honduran Supreme Court or Congress been overthrown? Was the Honduran Constitution voided?

      Has the mob-leader, Chavez’s stooge, and coupster returned and not been imprisoned?

    • Why are you still talking about Pinochet? This isn’t 1973. This isn’t 1980. It’s 2011. Socialism keeps all these ghosts of dictators past on hand so that they can throw them into an argument, whether they are germane or not to the discussion at hand. In other news, CONATEL banning a soap opera that makes fun of Chavez sad, but also in keeping with caudillo history. Latin American caudillos rarely reach totalitarian levels, instead they’re comical for the most part because our countries are so inefficient that they can’t even oppress their own societies. When a soap opera becomes public enemy no. 1, you know that the guy doesn’t have the capacity to really repress the populace and when push comes to shove he will be on his way out.

  3. Like so many immature folks, Slave Revolt insults (when he is unable to rebuke and debate properly) which is the surest mark of a believer, rather than someone whose thoughts are free enough to make rational choices.

  4. Probably, the first mistake was to let CONATEL exist at all.

    Not just for the opposition because they are brown-noses and institute censorship on a daily basis. This should serve as a lesson for our would be re-founders of Venezuelan democracy, to severely limit bureaucratic agencies such as this to purely registry/licensing functions, and no opinion or authority over anything else, AT ALL.

    CONATEL is made of idiotic creative brown-noses.

    Most people I know knew nothing of the Chepe Fortuna telenovela. Now, thanks to CONATEL they can watch the most relevant excerpts on YouTube. Admittedly, lower-class viewers would be effectively barred from seeing the telenovela… NOT!!!! Most households have Direct TV even in lower class areas and there’s always the pirate CD market.

    You got to love idiotic authoritarianism. Like there was any other form of it.

  5. I would like to go on record as being a thorough supporter of this decision on the part of the government. The government needs to make sure that popular culture is clean, healthy, and appropriate.

  6. As always, RB-Chavista, you rush to mouth support without getting down to the nitty-gritty.
    Nobody’s saying “pop culture” should be a laissez-faire open area where publicity gets the upper hand.
    Of course societies need to agree on what to allow in the public sphere and what to ban.
    But the sheer verticality of the measure, where one institution runs to ban a questionably “offensive” TV Show on stricly political grounds, where there is no discussion about what constitutes private/public discourse, where all we have is a one-handed exercise of power on a specific group of people (TV viewers) without clear reasons (insert adjective fest here), is yet another proof of how Chàvez’ government does not govern, it rules, imposes it’s views and orders normal citizens what to do.
    You obviously have no problem with that.
    Just get off any thread about “democracy” because you’re clearly not talking about that at all.

  7. It’s a no brainer that the more confident is a regime about its own system, the more tolerant it is of being poked fun at. In the US, during their respective presidencies, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43, were often (and hilariously) depicted on TV as, among other things, incompetent fools. Now, of course, it’s Obama’s turn. On the other hand, one of the first signs that Russia became a less free country under Putin than under Yeltsin was when Kukly, a famous political satire TV show with puppets, was forced off the air. Time and again Yeltsin tolerated being depicted as a ridiculous puppet. Putin did not.

    • Exactly.
      Chigüire Bipolar is still tolerated because basically 70% of the population (according to official figures) do NOT have Internet access and the average Chávez voter does not read much anyway (not that Chigüire has much text).

    • Yeah, the level of humorous dissent tolerated in national media indicates what level of freedom the country enjoys. Even our supposed Honduran “dictatorial” regime lets communist TV channels ramble on and on about Jews with rayguns irradiating the former president with death beams. (I wish I was making that up, but I’m not) Meanwhile, the allegedly democratic government of Hugo Chavez gets scared when some fictitious character on a no-name telenovela calls her dog Huguito and pokes fun at the Fat Man of Miraflores. And there’s a huge sector of the population that either supports or at least tolerates this measure. Humorous political dissent is indicative of a certain level of education, a level which is usually only found in developed countries. Those are countries that don’t have laws against insulting public figures, because that’s the whole point of a public figure. It’s kind of like wearing a really dumb hat in public and then getting pissed off when people say, “Wow, what a dumb hat.”

  8. I simply cast scorn on all you people here that supported the coups and rightwing oppression (both in Venezuela and Honduras)–and now you whine because the Venezuelan state puts a check on Oligarch supported programs aimed at deriding the state and it’s leaders?


    You also cast aspirations at wikileaks when it shows the cynicism and the bankrupt level of ethics that the empire engages worldwide as its power begins to wane.

    Shout “dictator” all you want– the only people that will commiserate and give fuel to your putrid self-pity are fellow parasites whose modus operandi is to feed off the carcass of whatever the imperial forces manage to kill or wound.

    John Perkins calls this type of class ‘jackels’, and I think the assignation is apt.

    Your views and whining are becoming increasingly tiresome. But, keep it up. Stay in front of your computers and masturbate–while we continue to accumulate political and economic power.

    The rightwing in the Americas is making itself superfluous. But there is still enough money from daddy’s inheritance to hire underlings that will clean your homes and tell you that your farts smell like roses. Lol

    • You simply cast scorn on democracy as a whole and the existence of “difference”.
      Please point to the evidence that leads you to conclude *every single commentator* here “supported right wing coups” or explain why you use defamatory and derogatory language way more insulting than that that got the Telenovela canceled in the first place.
      Otherwise, you’re just supporting Pinochet-style censorship measures. I hope, in the future, when people come around to try to understand the level of madness that ran my country into the ground, they take a long, calm look at your comment and evaluate it in the bright light of its fascism and intolerance. Así estábamos. Eso era la “democracia” según Slave Revolt.
      La historia no te absolverá…

    • I would like to believe that this guy is a troll, I really would. However, I’ve met enough ideologues to know that one post is a troll, two posts is a good troll, but several posts that all ramble incoherently indicates crazy.


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