$%*& my Japanese wife says

My wife laughed hard at the tragic, yet still unmistakably funny story of the dozens of high-society Venezuelans coming back from a throw-the-house-out-the-window, no-expenses-spared Punta Cana wedding with lobster-induced cholera on the menu.

Then, as an item on the Egyptian protests comes on the news and she sees me seething with envy at the possibility that yes, one day, Hugo Chávez may be Mubarak-ed, she turns to me and says.

“See, all that because a fruit seller in Tunisia set himself on fire. Fantasize all you want about this kind of thing happening in Venezuela, but it’s just not gonna until people show they’ll go all the way. Instead of pouring gas on themselves and lighting a match, they’re eating Haitian lobsters in Punta Cana!That’s just lack of patriotism.”

Ah, the Japanese … is there nothing they won’t try to solve with ritual suicide!?