Can you fall in love with a graph?


Brilliant stuff.

Here is the original source. Notice how Venezuela has the largest per capita carbon emissions in South America.

Notice, also, that two of the disproportionately high-emissions places, the US Virgin Islands and the Netherlands Antilles, are probably ranked that high because of PDVSA’s oil refineries there. It is a well-known fact that oil refineries are a major source of carbon emissions.

So you can put those on our tab as well.

Think about that next time Hugo Chávez goes to a summit and rails against polluting capitalists and global warming.

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  1. I’ve been saying this for a couple of years now. You want a real revolution, STOP the drilling now! STOP the pumping now! Venezuela could lead the world in green tech…that would be revolutionary.
    Just saying…

  2. What’s the surprise here? Charge almost nothing for a product, in this case gasoline, and people will use it wastefully and disproportionately. (On the other hand, I do recall a Venezuelan gov. official saying a couple of years ago that Venezuela have overcome capitalism. so maybe those rules no longer apply…)

    Of course Chavez’s talk about global warming is fundamentally and thoroughly hypocritical. But what’s the surprise here?


  3. Q: When has Socialism, and much less brazen Populism (What else IS XXIth. Century Socialism but a masquerade for this?) been known for really being “green”?

    Outside of fantasy and propaganda, that is…

    A: When it reduces most persons to such grinding poverty and oppression that they can no longer get hold of firewood and kerosene, much less inefficient, unreliable appliances running on patchy electric service. Never mind actual motor vehicles.

  4. Note that the Venezuelan absolute emissions are not much smaller than a half of Brazil’s, about as big as Argentina’s and much bigger than Chile or Colombia’s. Go figure…

  5. Mubarak can always find friends in Miami, comprador vogue.

    Just say’n.

    Keep Mubarak in mind the next time Quico cheers on Israeli Dogs of war as they blow away civilians and kids in Gaza.

    The empire is entering rough waters, which will allow for more leeway in the Americas for pro-democracy and anti-imperialists.

    Gotta love it.

    Don’t worry guys, you will still have you family’s money and trips to Mecca….errrr…Immeant Miami. Lol

    Mubarak falling still has to send a chill down every gusano’s spine (if they had one).

  6. well this post sucks, of all the graphs out there about all kinds of relevant ills the country faces and we are here discussing carbon footprints? Really? A place with gas cheaper than dirt has a carbon footprint problem? WTF?

    what’s next? the lack of dolphin safe practices of chavista tuna trawlers?

    then you worry about this place getting too elitist…

    • We do it for laughs.

      Some PSF’s and some neo-luddites, knowing full well that the half assed dictatorships popular governments and tyrants democrats they support are nowhere near producing prosperity for their citizens, draw the guilt card on prosperous first-world citizens and somehow imply that the resultant societies are “gentler with the Earth” than the evil capitalist, wasteful nations.

      That poverty, backwardness and oppressionmodest means and low technology is somehow a moral choice by these peoples that helps the Earth.

      Then came real data and shattered even that, the shallowest of justifications.

  7. there is already a website of statistics with pretty graphics if i want irrelevant info displayed in cute ways.

    it just seems petty to waste the space given here and the attention of your readers, particularly when the posts are only once a day (or less if on a weekend).

    criticisms should be welcome, it is supposed to make you work harder. this post is not the best and it seems like filler to me.

    I say it because I care. being ignored or taken for granted is even worse.

    • Sorry, dc. You’re right. I shouldn’t be worrying about feeding four mouths at home. I should be blogging non-stop and earning nothing for it, because my #1 responsibility should be to meet your standards and give you your money’s worth.

  8. we are not here to receive charity! This is our time too, we have jobs and family so why waste ours?

    This is your blog and you are complaining it is too much to ask to put decent material?

    Man that’s a first!

  9. if you can’t give us an article on a given day because of you commitments, can’t you be a true venezuelan and at least put pictures of half naked venezuelan women? that should not be too hard to do…

  10. I’ve always wondered how much lower our emissions in Latin America would be if we actually followed half of the laws on the books. For example, most cars I see ‘fumigando’ the streets on a daily basis pollute about as much as five brand-new cars. Added to this the fact that the average Latin American thinks it’s his God-given right to burn his trash, even plastic waste or old tires, and you get a much higher emissions output than if we actually followed environmental legislation.

  11. I dont mean to say that venezuela is a green country, but in venezuela’s defense, the very graph says the reason why islands cause so much pollution is because all manufactured goods must be imported, which is also the case for venezuela, maybe we dont need too, but most manufactured goods are imported as well, so blaming venezuela’s refineries for the overall per capita pollution of small islands in the caribean is just a little too much. In any case there is not enough detailed information in your post to make that accusation.

    This means the pollution is based on the decisions made by the population of the countries, but not neccesarily polluted within the territory, so i would expect gibraltar to be like beijing or worst and i had to assumed that “densidad poblacional” would equal in both countries. And that isnt in the graph yet there’s a lot of information in a graph, and that information can be misleading, and make you write misleading statements

    If i had to apply my venezuelan logic to this matter i would suggest that small goverment authority make it easier for “captura de agencia” to occur and thats the reason why the most polluting economic activities can only find their way into small countries. but i was born in margarita and i know that islands depends on tourism, which depends on clean air, so is not really the case for islands.

  12. “so blaming venezuela’s refineries for the overall per capita pollution of small islands in the caribean is just a little too much.”

    I’m not doing that. But if you compare the per capita emissions of the USVI and the Netherland Antilles with, say, Bermuda, or the Bahamas (two other island nations that have to import everything), it’s hard to argue the refineries are not at fault.

    In fact, when you look at which Caribbean nation also has large per capita emissions – Trinidad and Tobago – the point is pretty much proven. It’s not misleading at all.

  13. Sorry, but I have looked several times and I cannot find Venezuela in either “footprint”. Am I nuts?? I notice the Virgin Islands and Trinidad on the per-capita site but not Venezuela.

    • It’s in the brown group. On the right footprint, it’s the topmost circle –how ironic for a “leftist” regime. On the left footprint its just under Argentina, left of Iran.

  14. Guys,
    Venezuela is definitely polluting much more per capita than other countries in Latin America. At the same time and even though I am strongly for more ecological awareness in Venezuela, this is neither the worst part of our environmental crimes and in this area Venezuela is not doing it nearly as bad as a lot of countries from the developed nations.

    Venezuelans are currently raping the Caura and Caroní basins. They are building everywhere. They are producing rubbish in similar ways as developed nations but they are getting rid of that rubbish with Middle Age technology. They are destroying the forest in the North, they are polluting all their rivers and coasts and bathing literally in shit (yes, that includes Morrocoy and the luxurious marinas there and the growing towns around Tucacas). The Lake of Maracaibo and the Lake of Valencia could be tourist attractions if they were in Western Europe. Instead, they look like sewage systems and a recovery would take many decades.
    Yes, Venezuelans use petrol in a very wasteful way, but there they are not being as wasteful as many others who should know better. Venezuelans are top polluters and environment rapers in other ways.
    I am going to post about this later on, but here one simple fact: Venezuela is now one of the top ten countries in forest destruction according to United Nations.

    • The environmental rape of Venezuela is… manifold. And has been going on for decades. I cannot exactly recall the source; but an article I read mentioned more or less what you comment.

      And I would add the solid waste in and around the major cities (for example, obstructing creeks) as a cause of environmental and safety concerns.

  15. february 3 and still carrying on with this dead topic…it is beginning to stink already…

    new mayor needed, apply within…

  16. Well you hipocrites, isn’t this the purpose of THIS blog?????

    or it is just to sit on you bottoms behind a screen smoke cigars with your intellectual buddies and pretend you are doing some grandiose good blathering random topics about Venezuela?

    Shame on you for thinking you care about my country, you have been exposed.

  17. huh haha, are you a closet chavista???? that’s the kind of response a chavista mouth would yell!
    Sending me away (A loyal reader for a good many years now btw) is good and fine, but the weight of what i said is here to stay, anybody would have said the same, this post is lame and the fact that i am being attacked for saying so is typical of cowards like those in the government.

    defending a blatant wrong instead of putting your energies into some more useful only exacerbates the obvious, no matter what language you use, you are attacking a reader for raising a concern and it is only going from bad to worse.

    apparently the concept of blogging to you is to throw whatever scraps of information you feel like on a given day and expect us to be grateful? We read you for a reason, but it seems that reason has been lost to you because of whatever personal commitments you have. But please, do not insult our collective intelligence by pretending you are doing us a favor with filler pieces like this. that’s a bit much.

    I am with the other poster in this thread, I had a hard time finding Venezuela in your graph and I thought to myself, WTF is this guy talking about? this is nonsensical C R A P just to put something out.

    That’s why I am criticizing this post. Get a grip, I am not after the whole thing.

    No more scraps, thanks.

    • You’ve got a point dc: “what’s love got to do with it….”, but you never know, maybe TT can fix Venezuela’s problems…..

  18. Here’s a story for all commenters who need their posts to be customized, just for them.

    A crowded flight was cancelled after a Westjet 737 had been withdrawn from service. A single airline attendant was re-booking a long line of inconvenienced travellers. Suddenly an angry passenger pushed his way to the desk. He slapped his ticket on the counter & said, “I HAVE to be on this flight & it HAS to be FIRST CLASS”.

    The Attendant replied, “I’m sorry, Sir. I’ll be happy to try to help you, but I’ve got to help these people first, & I’m sure we’ll be able to work something out.”

    The passenger was unimpressed. He asked loudly, so that passengers behind him could hear, “DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHO I AM?”

    Without hesitating, the Attendant smiled & grabbed her public address microphone: “May I have your attention please – may I have your attention please,” she began: her voice heard clearly throughout the Terminal. “We have a passenger here at Gate 14 WHO DOES NOT KNOW WHO HE IS. If anyone can help him find his Identity, please come to Gate 14.”

    With the Folks behind him in line laughing hysterically, the man glared at the Attendant, gritted his teeth & said, “F- – – You!”

    Without flinching, she smiled & said, “I’m sorry, sir, but you’ll have to get in line for that too.”

  19. A better analogy would be to book a cruise and show up at the port only to find a rowboat, with a drunk one eyed captain and a can of sardines for snacks….because corporate did not have the funds to bring the big boat today….but hey it is still a cruise right? be happy you are getting on the water!

  20. You guys doing alright? we’re looking forward to some new postings on the past couple of days …
    Hope all is well desde Paris…


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