Now we know what Marquina had on Yon Goicoechea


It wasn’t his right wing; it was his right hook!

ps: check out VTV’s hilarious slide-show on the episode, which makes PSUV assemblyman Henry Ventura out to be some kind of hermanita de la caridad.

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  1. Doesn’t even take his glasses off before swinging. That’s confidence. Given the pathetic look on Villanueva’s face, I can see why.

    That fourth picture needs to be used next time he runs for public office.

  2. I’m not sure how useful the new National Assembly will be, but it’s already looking to be more entertaining. We should get George Foreman to call these.

  3. I agree with AIO, that picture’s classic.

    With one punch, Marquina may have done more to sway fence-sitters than all the reasoned speech-making in the world. Such is our nature.

  4. I’m against violence per se, but, but…. what can I say? LOL

    It’s like, when we send our small children to school and we give them the rules of engagement for bullies and punchers: ‘Never hit or punch another child, but be sure to hit them back if they do it first… y le das MAS DURO!’

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I still think that this country is becoming a savage place, run by Neanderthals.

  5. liz,

    I had the same reaction as you, BUT… Ventura was the aggressor. Marquina gave him the proverbial “tatequieto”, with a bemused look on his face. It wasn’t as though he literally beat him to a pulp, he merely fended his atacker off. As such, he showed guts without actually descending to Ventura’s level.

  6. Are we celebrating that Marquina took the bait? They send a Mr. Nobody clearly looking for a violent reaction from one of the opposition leaders when thousands of people are watching on TV and he falls for it throwing punches like he his is drunken guy in a bar at 2 am? It is clear to me that whatever this other guy’s name is (Ventura?) threw the first punch, but it is also clear to me that Marquina is an idiot and lost the opportunity of a lifetime. If I had been in his position, not only I would have done absolutely nothing to counter the violence from Mr. Ventura, I would have done like Maradona: rolled down the stairs in pain and wait for the paramedics to come and take me to the hospital. This would’ve shown the public in a very strong and graphic way that the chavistas don’t have any arguments and their only resource is the violence and abuse of power. Marquina defended his honour, but did very little to the opposition’s cause.


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