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So I’ve decided that the way I’m going to get all you deadbeats to check out is by posting most new material in Spanish only over the next few weeks.

Today, more belief-beggaring new jail stats.

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    • There’s not that many of them, FC. And I’ll toss them a bone now and again.

      My motivation really stems more from a sense of wanting to get some practice writing in Spanish – it’s been a while – and feeling like we want to build up a moderately ok audience as we head into primary season later this year.

  1. It took time for you to get the english crowd you have now. Be patient. Your bilingual crowd checks both, so we are a huge part of your spanish traffic as well…

  2. Your strategy to build up Spanish readership to the levels that, by your own account, took years to build is to neglect that hard-won audience? And then dismiss said audience with “I’ll throw them a bone now and again”?

    Sounds severely counterproductive to me.

      • or the time you declared yourself to go “joker” and become an anarchist to give us the tools and the information to become agents of change…

        or the other website/forum you tried to sponsor which name escapes for now…

        or the time you thought the government wanted to go after websites because of the newly approved mordaza/censorship law…it was quite funny to see how worried you got about getting banned in venezuela…

        lemme see… i think those are the highlights for now…

  3. We’ll miss you, but your most important audience should be Venezuelans anyway.

    Hey! You could for fun offer Google’s automatic translation of your Spanish pages.

    Now that would improve international understanding, wouldn’t it?




  4. get rid of the cronicas de caracas name, (it sounds like something an old geezer at any plaza bolivar wanting to talk about the caracas of “antaño” or some backwards historic time, would use)

    YOUR NEW VENEZUELAN NAME???????????????????????:


    (see? you still get to keep the initials) :=)

  5. btw? ESPANOLIFICACION???????????? are we gonna turn into citizens of that country? tsk tsk tsk bad word and sintax for what you intended to say

  6. Serious, non-regime generated information on Venezuela is seriously lacking in the English speaking world.

    It is only by pounding away on the crimes of the regime, Pudreval, Pilieri, Afiuni, maletagate, Enabling Act. etc. that the Chavez government and party will be isolated internationally. A lot of progress has been made in the last three years, but now is the wrong time to transfer to Spanish.

    As far as I can tell, many of your posts synthesize information already published in Spanish; but internationally they are almost alone. Reconsider!

  7. Here is a suggestion: have some of CC’s articles posted on the ‘Opinion’ section of La Patilla (the articles for that section come from other sites / blogs).
    Maybe this will not generate traffic in CC right away, but should increase readership in spanish of CC’s content.

  8. You know what would greatly increase the size of your audience, like, overnight? Get a female writer. Preferably one with a distinguished name like Katherine, or Katy. Yes, Katy; that’s a good name. Then make up some kind of weird plot twist involving her. Something from a movie, like “Some like it hot” or something. No wait, that’s not the one I was thinking. What was the name of that movie? “The Crying Plane”? Or was it “The Crying Dame?” No, that’s not it either. Never mind that. That was a dumb idea, anyway. (Or was it “Madame Butterfly”?)

    Or maybe, just maybe, you can do what everyone else does: go to every Spanish-speaking political forum Latin America, USA and Spain, and start posting regularly there. If people think your opinions are clever, insightful, and worth reading, they’ll start visiting your blog to read more from you.


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