New Blood: Raul Aular


A big focus over the coming months will be broadening out the writing stable beyond just Juan and I by reaching out to new talent.

We’re looking for smart, opinionated writers allergic to the usual clichés and far removed from the closed loop of the Caracas newspapers’ opinion pages (Zzzzzzzzzzzz).

Recently, trundling through the vast online gutter that is Twitter, we found one: Raul Aular. Never met the guy, but I love the way he writes.

Check out his maiden post, in Spanish.

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  1. I sure am going to miss you guys when the blogging in English disappears……have actually missed you guys lately.

    Please report back on your hit count after a suitable time has passed. I’d be curious to know if your linguistically challenged audience are moving on to lazier pastures. Thanks

    • Sorry Glenn, I do hate to walk away from readers who don’t read Spanish. Realistically, though, you’re in a pretty small minority, and my mindshare only spreads so far: I just can’t write two blogs intensively at once. I’ll still post here, but I really feel the need to make the Spanish site the main site now. The time has come for that.

      Thanks for your support, btw! And yeah, traffic over in Spanish is coming along nicely: up to almost 50% of the usual English level. It’ll take patience and perseverance, but that’s what we’re all about here…


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