100 posts, five days, no mercy


Both Juan and I have had serious deadlines in our regular work. But those deadlines will be over in a few hours.

However, rather than ease our way back into blogging, we’re  going into Overdrive. The premise is simple:

100 Posts. Five Days. No Mercy.

Loyal readers will remember Juan and I experimented with The Andrew Sullivan Blog Challenge back in 2009 and it almost drove us crazy. In a fun kind of way. Nobody knows how that guy does it year in and year out.

By Tuesday afternoon, expect us to be loopy. This should be great fun.

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  1. Would that be 100 for Caracas Chronicles and 100 for Crónicas de Caracas? Or 50/50? 😛

    Here’s to hope that you reach the goal this time!

  2. Francisco,

    I am not sure of the point of this exercise. Why emphasize quantity, over quality? Would it not help to at least define a couple of central themes?

    Which direction do you need translations? Spanish to English, I can do credit to. The reverse, not so much.


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