Defending The Interests Of The People


It’s 100-posts-in-five-days week, so here’s a post from longtime reader and only occasional poster Guido Núñez-Mujica.

You’d guess that having electricity 24/7 would be something El Pueblo might be interested in, a right worth defending. Well, it’s not, at least according to these government supporters who assaulted a group of Primero Justicia activists during a protest against the terrible state of the electric grid.

How dare those oligarchs assume that Juan Bimba wants electrical power?

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  1. This is what te mixture of hate,envy and mediocrity is all about.

    AdRush works better than RedBull by the way,as well a coffee and some sun

  2. Wow, just, wow. It’s just difficult to understand just how such base behavior occurs, except when one realizes the sub-base conditions those exhibiting such behavior live in. Which, of course, does not excuse such behavior at all.


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