Santos Does His Job; Venezuelan Reactionaries Blanche


It’s fun to see the horrified responses in bits of Venezuela’s further-right-wing blogosphere at Juan Manuel Santos’s newfound partnership with Chávez. Some of these guys just can’t believe the guy who was supposed to be to the right of Uribe is so keen to find an accomodation with el rrrrrrrrregimen.

But let’s get real: Santos’s job is to look after Colombia’s national interest. Nothing more, nothing less. Uribe’s confrontational stance created all kinds of problems for the Colombian state. Santos’s more conciliatory stance solves them.

That’s what he gets a paycheck for, you know?

#9…man this is hard…

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  1. Solve them!? No way I agree with you on that. Hah, Santos is being too short-sighted to realize that what happened with Uribe can happen with him as well. (Santos se vende al mejor postor! ) Right now he thinks that fixing the economic and political ties with Venezuela will be the solution, but Chavez is the one with the leverage: he can break ties again whenever he wants, and, maybe eventually, Santos will just become Chavez’ enemy like Uribe once did.

    It seems that Santos cares about his country’s interest, but in reality he does not realize that in the long run he has everything to lose and very little to win. Chavez does not care about his image in Colombia anymore, and some days I would even say he does not care about his image in Venezuela…which makes me think that in the near future he will probably try to hold power through other even less democratic means

    I am not shocked about Santos, I expected this to happen in the first place. I wish he was politically smarter, but I cannot say I am disappointed with someone I had little expectations for in terms of foregin policy with Vzla.

  2. Possibly Chávez himself fears the costs of a confrontial stance more than 2 years ago with the state of the venezoelan economy and stuff.
    For Venezuela better relationships mean relatively cheap imports in some sectors.
    For Colombia better relationships will result in more exports.
    Guess what people will benefit more from the easening of the frictions.
    Great post.


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