Barreto reappears…!


… and from the looks of him, that’s not a good thing.

Dude, what’s with the get-up? Oh, and you should have listened to us, we warned you about those blimps!

#29 … and I gleefully hope that mullets become the official hairstyle of the Revolution.

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  1. By the way what do you guys think of all the toys in the background? I see some from “The Matrix” and “The Godfather”… why is Barreto consuming Capitalist pop-culture?!

  2. is that a capitalistic “The Matrix” action figure in the back? And is that another one?
    Is that a mullet? Is e 200 pounds larger?

    WTF happened to him?

  3. Look, it is the godfather in the back! And who said you cannot be a respectable chavista without having toys and figures of the epitome of the American movie artistry!?

  4. C’mon you guys! Can’t you tell that the action figure is representative of the Focargui tribe?

    Never heard of them? Shame on you!

  5. Wow… What a sad and bloated allegory of the (leftist) generation that came to power with Chavez. What a waste these twelve years have been.


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