Fighting The Last War

Last maintenance circa 1983

To hear Teodoro Petkoff put it, either Chávez Econguru Giordani plain old lied about having spent $5.5 billion “fixing” the electric crisis, or the money was royally wasted.

It’s a fun line, but I have another hypothesis: they spent the money on the wrong thing. Last year’s Power Outages were caused mostly by insufficient generating capacity…so the government went all out to bring more generating capacity online. This year, though, what we saw was a bunch of power grid failures.

In the rush to build new power plants, nobody stopped to think that the power lines we have are  hyper-rickety and old!

#16…digging out of a hole already…

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  1. You are both right. Those supposed $5.5 billion include plenty of money for transmission, but the money has only been “spent” in as much as I have “spent” my 5 bsf by deciding that it would be nice to go to the market to buy some cambur. They have “spent” millions on transmission and distribution and substations. But when they took down the OPSIS website with its monthly report of facilities actually commissioned, that list was very short.

  2. The venezuelan government administration is populated with people of very low professional aptitudes and the decision makers are just politicians and military commanders of low ranking, even do they are Generals ( fast track Generals ), they just did not follow the energy plans on equipment maintenance and new electrical projects, necessary to service the growth in the energy demand. Imaging with all the income generated by the oil revenues in the past 12 years, the energy demand as to growth, but the government forgot to make the needed investments, they were busy in winning political campaigns and given handout to the poor. That’s Venezuela today Compadre, a chaos in every way !


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