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If you were impressed by the swift reaction of the US against the Libyan government, its commitment to defend freedom and protect the people from thugs in power, kindly suck on this tangerine:

Obama and his buddy Teodoro Obiang
Obama and his buddy Teodoro Obiang, September 2009.

I’m glad I hadn’t had breakfast when I saw this. Teodoro Obiang is one of the most ruthless tyrants on Earth, ruling a narcokleptocracy that makes Venezuela looks like Sweden. Yet here he is (and there he was with Condie Rice) with the “Leader of the Free World” smiling by his side.

Obiang isn’t much less ruthless and violent than Ghaddafi, he’s just more discrete about it, so he doesn’t end up on CNN so often. And that’s – along with oil – is really all it takes to keep him on the right side of the respectability ledger.

We can get robbed of our land and property, our lives and dignity from here until zaweeeee, but as long as foreign companies remain untouched and keep making profits, nobody will give a damn about what happens here.  Realpolitik mata derechos humanos.

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  1. I once met a beautiful girl from Equatorial Guinea with pitch black skin. She spoke Spanish like she lived in the Paseo La Castellana. Weird.

    That Obiang is something else…

  2. “but as long as foreign companies remain untouched and keep making profits, nobody will give a damn about what happens here”

    Where does this come from? It has nothing to do with profits guy.

  3. Ghaddafi’s crime was being openly ruthless in a time when all of North Africa was in revolt. Once he got all that bad press the western leaders were forced to act, THAT actually trumped profits because believe me, if the west had not conducted those airstrikes it would have been all over by now with Ghaddafi’s army marching into Tobruk and oil would be flowing again.

    If you’re going to be cynical, point out the obvious: the easiest thing they could have done from a business point of view was to let the Libyan dictator clean house. Of course now they’re being extremely stupid, they only put one foot in. Either prop the fool or topple him. This wishy-washy crap is going nowhere very fast.

  4. Oh come on now Quico, don’t exaggerate. You and I both know that the “leader of the free world” smiles beside everybody on official State visits (be it Democrat or Republican).

    If he were hoisting his fist in the air, delivering replica George Washington swords and comparing Obiang with Lincoln and King Jr., that would indeed be something to write about.

    • Dead, tortured, robbed people. No exaggeration here. When the US criticizes Venezuela but not EG, tell me who is exaggerating. What we have here is small potatoes.

  5. I have ceased to expect and hope chiefs of the Executive Branch to defend civil rights, even (or rather, specially) in their own country. They represent the government they head and it’s interests. In most parts of the world they represent themselves personally.

    Maybe, maybe if public opinion tilts, they take the stance and show a strong jaw and stand a little stiffer.


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