"When two leaders fight, it's their peoples who suffer in the end…"


Juan Manuel Santos says he knows for a fact there are no more FARC camps in Venezuela.

Think about it – that’s huge!

Santos continues to far exceed the expectations of those of us who’d feared a presidency of maximalist excess…and to fall short of the expectations of those who couldn’t wait for one!

#25…my Santos man-crush, that was unexpected!

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  1. Ummm … Read him carefully. I haven’t seen the actual video, but to judge by the quote, Santos is definitely NOT saying there are no FARC camps in Venezuela. He’s saying the ones they knew were there have been dismantled. Of course they have .. the FARC has every reason to dismantle camps they know have been detected. The key question is where the faracos who were in those camps went to. My bet is most of them are still in Venezuela.


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