March? March?!

Omar Barboza is almost apologetic, saying he really would have loved to have a primary in 2011, but gee whiz, the MUD – whoever that is – is deciding to hold them in 2012.

The money quote:

The UNT leader said there is enough time to campaign if they choose a definite date of March 2012 for the primaries, and he reminded people that the last time around the unity candidacy was selected in April.

OK, first off, Barboza is lying. L-Y-I-N-G. Rosales was picked in August. A-U-G-U-S-T. Barboza knows this, and he is lying through his teeth.

Furthermore, since when is 2006 a blueprint for anything other than what NOT to do. Didn’t a 26-point defeat teach us anything?

I was already furious about, but starting to come terms with, primaries in February. Now you thrust March on us? What the hell?

People like Barboza and Henry Ramos Allup are a cancer for the opposition. They must be purged, someway, somehow. They are holding us back.

#43 … on the road from disappointed to apoplectic.

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