March? March?!


Omar Barboza is almost apologetic, saying he really would have loved to have a primary in 2011, but gee whiz, the MUD – whoever that is – is deciding to hold them in 2012.

The money quote:

The UNT leader said there is enough time to campaign if they choose a definite date of March 2012 for the primaries, and he reminded people that the last time around the unity candidacy was selected in April.

OK, first off, Barboza is lying. L-Y-I-N-G. Rosales was picked in August. A-U-G-U-S-T. Barboza knows this, and he is lying through his teeth.

Furthermore, since when is 2006 a blueprint for anything other than what NOT to do. Didn’t a 26-point defeat teach us anything?

I was already furious about, but starting to come terms with, primaries in February. Now you thrust March on us? What the hell?

People like Barboza and Henry Ramos Allup are a cancer for the opposition. They must be purged, someway, somehow. They are holding us back.

#43 … on the road from disappointed to apoplectic.

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    • Every political coalition has its untouchables, its undesirables. But why is it that in ours, they’re the ones calling the shots?! Why?

  1. It makes one wonder. Are these guys plants from the Chavista camp? How can the MUD be sooooo stupid. Depressed doesn’t begin to explain my mood.

  2. I expect that Hugo will get ousted in a recession to come somewhere in his third period (maybe 2016-7). In a sense it will be better.

    I don’t see the present opposition getting serious about meaningful reform of its ways. Or about serious reform of the State and the legal/economic framework. Or the Venezuelan people, heads filled with so much social-fantasy (CRAP!), consenting to it, and not welcoming back old Hugo after a few years to finish the job of carrying them into hell.

    It will hurt like all get out, it will be much worse than now, and it will shock Venezuelans out of the old ways of politics and business forever. If it does make our country a basket case, that is.


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